Digital Nomad – How to Make Money & Travel

Digital Nomads can Travel the World and make money. I’m a real estate broker and been traveling the world for nearly 5 years now. I love it, been to Thailand, Bali, Colombia, and now in Dominican Republic (Punta Cana). – One way you can become a Digital Nomad is Wholesaling Properties.

What Does It Mean To Be A Digital Nomad?

In basic words, it means you can work wherever you are. If you want to travel the world you need to keep working on something you can do from anywhere and make enough money to support the lifestyle you want to have. Most of these jobs are not rocket science and are very easy to start.

What You Need To Do Before Choosing Your Destination

It takes more than simply blind pointing a place in a map! Well, that’s a start, but I advise to do some research before you leave your home country. For instance, you can:

  • Start reading the local news to get an idea about how day to day life is there.
  • Read about weather and climatic phenomena going on there. Do you like the seasons that country has? Is it dangerous to live there due to frequent earthquakes, storms, or something?
  • Find out about the relationships your home country and destination have. You want to make sure you can come and go whenever you want.
  • Find out about the costs you’ll face. What type of lifestyle you want to have? How much money will it take? Do costs allow you to do more than just working? Can you enjoy your time there?

How Do You Make Money As A Digital Nomad?

digital nomad make money

Currently, internet allows a several different activities to be performed from anywhere in the world and make money. For example, bloggers, translators, online sellers, course creators, they can all take their jobs from home to a digital nomad level. In my case, working in the real estate industry for 15+ years, I wanted to keep doing what I do, but also start enjoying life.

My concern was how to make around $10,000 a month by working only a few hours a day? And real estate wholesale was the right answer to my question.

Wholesale Real Estate Meaning

Wholesaling is basically putting a home under contract that is at 60% or less of its value. Then we resale the rights to the contract to an investor for a profit. Usually $5,000-$50,000 profit, although my highest was $130,000 re-assignment (YES!!!).

Benefits Of Wholesale Realestate

ONCE YOU LEARN THE ART OF wholesaling, there’s almost zero disadvantages. For real! If you get well educated, you will:

  • Make money from your brain, your time, and your negotiation abilities. You won’t be using your money to start or to keep doing in this business.
  • You’ll be selling the right to buy a property, a piece of paper!!!
  • Every negotiation will bring good money.

If you want a better life, financial freedom, without having to work countless hours, you should really think about getting into real estate. Now if you are looking for a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME… this is NOT it! This is me telling you what I have learned in real estate over the last 15 years as a Real Estate Broker. I’m licensed to train, mentor, and supervise realtors – TX-0549644. So, know that you are in good hands. Learn More here.

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